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Here's the link for our virtual Wednesday evening (7:00) prayer meeting on Zoom.

Here's the link for our Zoom Sabbath School, 9:30 on Sabbath morning.


Big Lake Youth Camp's Special Project


Here's some more helpful information for you:  Dr. Nedley and Pastor Doug Batchelor On The Best Coronavirus Prevention


News about the rescheduling of the General Conference.


A timely message (March 17) from our General Conference President: Pastor Ted Wilson 

Here's a link to the church's "100 days of prayer" website. 

News about a Northwest Day of Prayer.

A message about prayer from Pastor Pavel Goia.  (The recording ends a little short, but the message is intact.)

Medical Symposium on the lessons learned from the 1918 Flu and their applications to COVID-19. This is a seminar put on by Adventist World Radio, recorded 4/12/20. A MUST SEE!

Click Here to view on Youtube

An update (5/1/20) on Oregon Conference strategy in response to COVID-19 from Conference President Dan Linrud