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6/27/2020 - It's time to reopen!

5/8/2020 - Big Lake Youth Camp is asking for special help.  Urgent work is needed to keep the camp from being closed next summer as well as this summer.  To learn how you can help, click here.

We're all looking forward to the time when we can meet together in person again.  Oregon Conference officials will be taking part next week in a Web seminar with Oregon Governor Kate Brown, discussing the prospect of reopening places of worship.

4/28/2020 - We just received (expected) news that Big Lake Youth Camp will be closed this summer.

4/8/2020  -  The suspension of Sabbath services and in-person meetings has been extended by the Oregon Conference, through May 17.

4/8/2020  -  We have the news that Camp Meeting this year will be online, not in person.

This year's General Conference session has been rescheduled for May 2021. Click here for more details.

3/31/2020  -  The latest news from the Conference office, late yesterday, was . . . sorry, no date in mind yet for the reopening of our churches.

3/23/2020  -  Here's the latest COVID-19 guideline from the Oregon Conference:

  The Governor’s Stay at Home Order:  You’ve probably heard that the governor closed many non-essential businesses and locations today, and until further notice.  Here’s what’s not closed:  Your church building, if:

    *  There’s something that needs to be done there that can’t be done from home.

    *  There are less than 10 people present to do what needs to be done.

    *  You can maintain appropriate personal space (6 ft+) while doing what needs to be done.

This means that if you need your church building to livestream or record a worship service, prayer meeting, etc, it is legal to do so.

If you need to get the mail, it’s legal to do so.

If there’s any other reason you legitimately need to stop by the church, it’s still okay.

But we still urge that there are no in-person worship services, Bible studies, etc, that happen during this time.


It’s still important to stay home as much as possible. Let’s flatten the curve together.


3/19/2020  -  Announcements from Livingstone Adventist Academy:

  • New Student enrollment is open for the 2020—2021 school year. Applications can be filled out online at

3/17/2020  -  It has just been announced that all Oregon Conference Schools will be closed until at least April 28.

3/17/2020  -  Our Community Services team plans to keep providing needed food for their customers, but to modify their method of providing service to stay in compliance with current government guidelines for social distancing and proper disinfection.  This is new territory for everyone, so they may need additional help at times.  Don't hesitate to contact them if you have a moment free and are willing to help.

3/16/2020  -  The Dallas church board voted today to suspend all public meetings on Sabbaths through April 18 in response to the Corona virus situation.  We will monitor developments and keep you updated.